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 Albin Township

Albin Township is formed of congressional township 108, range 32 west. On June 23, 1870, a primary meeting was held to organize a township, which was finally effected by the election of officers as follow: E. J. Root, chairman; Charles Armstrong and John Teas, supervisors; E. T. Jones, clerk; W. H. Sweet, treasurer; O. I. Owens and John Egbert, justices of the peace. By appointment, the offices of assessor and constable were filled by Caleb Foot and E. Hammond, respectively. The first township meeting was held at the house of Mrs. S. Rima, and when a name for the township could not easily be agreed upon she was allowed to name it, and called it Albin.

This township is without railroad and has no villages within its borders. The long, narrow lake known as Lake Hanska extends from the east over into this township almost four miles, touching parts of six sections of land. The population of Albin Township has been for the last thirty or more years as follow: In 1890 it was six hundred; in 1900 it was six hundred and twenty-nine, and in 1910, according to government reports, it was six hundred and sixty-two.

The pioneer settler here was S. G. Edsell, who located in 1866, in section 2, and was followed in 1867 by William Harrison and Anton Katen. Other early settlers included these:

Burton Armstrong
C. E. Armstrong
Frederick Koenig
W. W. Minor, of Vermont
L. D. Rice, of Massachusetts
Solomon Rima, of New York
William Rossbach, of Prussia
Lorens Schneider, of Indiana
A. E. Somerville, of Pennsylvania
William Sweet, of Vermont
John Teas, of Indiana
George Troxel, of Pennsylvania

Early Events

Gunder, a son of Martin Johnson and wife, was born on August 19, 1869, and was the first to see the light of day in this township.

The first to die was Mr. Upson, in 1868. E. J. Root and Mary Armstrong were the first to unite by marriage in this township.

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Source: History of Brown County, Minnesota, L. A. Fritsche, M.D., Editor, Volume I, 1916


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