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Bashaw Township

 Next to the east Of Stately and on the southern line of Brown County is Bashaw Township; at its north is Burnstown Township and to the east is Mulligan Township. Bashaw comprises congressional township 108, range 34 west. Among the lakes in the township is Reed Lake, in section 6, which once covered nearly half of that section. A branch of the Chicago & Northwestern railroad runs through the southwestern portion of the township, with a station point at the village of Comfrey, in section 34. The population of the township has been as follow: In 1890 it was four hundred and ten; in 1900 it reached seven hundred and fifteen, and in 1910, as shown by census reports, it had fallen back to five hundred and eighty-five. The township was named for the first settler, though incorrectly spelled. The settler was Joseph Baschor, who came in the spring of 1869, settling in section 2. The following year several families arrived and located. Those who aided in developing and opening up to civilized life here were J. H. Barber, of Delaware; G. L. Grek, of Sweden; H. C. Mallette, of Ohio; Christine Pedersen, of Denmark; and H. C. Pedersen, of the same country. The first township meeting was held in April, 1874; officers elected: John Johnson, chairman of board of supervisors, of which John Quick was a member; William Lampen, clerk; Henry Kimmelie, assessor; Charles Krause, treasurer; O. H. Alback, justice of the peace; Ira Bonner, constable.

The first school was taught by Maggie Keegan in 1877, in section 26.

A post office known as Comfrey was established in 1877, with A. W. Pedersen as postmaster.

Village Of Comfrey

In 1910 Comfrey had a population of two hundred and thirty-eight. It was incorporated in March, 1900, and its first officers were: Eugene Fernholtz, mayor; Charles A. Nelson, recorder; C. H. Bradbury, treasurer. The following have served as mayors to present date: Eugene Fernholtz, O. W. Cooley, Oscar Erickson, F. W. Renner, Martin Windschill. The 1916 officials are: Martin Windschill, mayor; G. W. Schaffer, recorder; C. E. Armstrong, C. H. Bradbury and A. M. Johnson, councilmen. The village installed a waterworks system in August, 1907, costing Six thousand dollars. There are now about twelve hundred feet of water mains, conveniently located.

In 1914 an electric lighting plant was installed here, costing nine thousand dollars. A volunteer fire brigade guards well the village fire interests, with the aid of six hundred feet of hose and a cart. Water is furnished from the fifty thousand-gallon tank surmounting the one-hundred-foot tower. The Catholic Church bell is used for fire alarm purposes. Aside from the eight-thousand-dollar electric-light bonds issued by the village, it is out of debt.

Business Directory, 1916

Auto Garage
E. Valentine

August G. Erickson

State Bank
Farmers State Bank

Barber shop
Michael Hamilton

Wenzel Schoedl
Cement Worker
Schutt & Hurst

Comfrey Farmers Creamery Association*

A. J. Yackel

F. M. Robinson, D. D. S.

Comfrey Farmers Elevator Company

Feed Store
Comfrey Elevator Company

E. P. Lilla; general dealers
F. W. Renner, Erickson & Kisro
E. W. Arndt
Mrs. M. G. Simmer
C. E. Armstrong

Hardware and Furniture
Adams & Redding; hardware, stoves and tinware**
C. H. Bradbury

P. J. Lilla

Hotel Comfrey, C. A. Wall, proprietor

Frank Schwerzler

A. W. Mueller

Youmans Lumber Company

Peterson & Norell

Mrs. P. J. Miller

Meat Market
H. G. Schotzko

Comfrey Times, W. A. Brooks, proprietor

George Roe

A. W. Eckstein, M. D.

Comfrey Produce Company

Real Estate
August G. Erickson

A. R. Furch

Stock Buyer
Bean & Carlson

T. F. Kelley, general contractor

* Finishing an eight-thousand-dollar building at this time.
** With a stock of groceries and Shoes.

The post office transacted a business of eighteen hundred dollars during the last fiscal year, under postmaster A. J. Yackel. There are two rural routes out from Comfrey.

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Source: History of Brown County, Minnesota, L. A. Fritsche, M.D., Editor, Volume I, 1916.


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