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  Eden Township

The extreme northwestern township in Brown County is called Eden. It contains all in this county of fractional townships 111 and 112, range 33. Up to 1863 it formed a part of the Sioux Reservation. It is south of Renville and Nicollet counties, west of Home township, north of Prairieville township, and is bounded on the west by Red wood county. It is without villages or railroad lines. In 1910 its population was seven hundred and nine. Its lakes include Tree Lake and a small lake in sections 25 and 36. In 1866 this township was attached to Home for official purposes and in 1867 became a separate civil township. The first township meeting was held at the house of W. O. Hewitt, April 2, 1867; the officers then elected were: H. S. Eldred, chairman; D. P. Winchel and Hiram Jones, supervisors; Isaac Johnson, treasurer; H. M. Munsell and William Brown, justices; Amos Root and O. A. Dresser, constables.

First to Locate

The first to locate in Eden Township were Isaac John son, W. O. Hewitt, O. A. Dresser, Samuel Tate and Abner Franklin, who came in with their families in December, 1864, and located in the northwestern part of the town ship. When the township was organized there were but thirteen voters.

The first school was taught in the summer of 1867, by Ellen Eldred. The first birth was Caroline, daughter of Isaac and Elmira Johnson. The earliest death was that of John, son of Amos Root, in January, 1866. The first marriage in the township was Leslie Hillyer and Jane Tate, on July 4, 1868.

Lonetree Lake post office was established in 1869, with Ferdinand Hartwick in charge. The post office was kept in a store in section 5, and a hotel was at the same point. A store was opened in 1868 by Louis Erstman, near the old government ferry, which was operated but a short time. Charles Fletcher built a steam saw-mill in the late seventies in section 34; it was run by a forty-horse-power steam engine, and was later owned by Charles Ritz.

Other settlers who developed this part of Brown County were:

E. M. Ball
Henry W. Chase
James Clancy
Walter Doheny
Oscar A. Dresser
Rev. L. C. Gilbert
George Hart
Jerome Hewitt
Eugene Leatherman
Rev. V. E. Loba
Wesley Luddington
G. W. Robinson
David Sherman
Henry Winter

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Source: History of Brown County, Minnesota, L. A. Fritsche, M.D., Editor, Volume I, 1916.


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