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  Incorporated and Un-Incorporated Places

Brown County has the following incorporated and un-incorporated places. The location, date of plattings and incorporation of the same is given, so far as they appear of record in the register of deeds office, but it is to be regretted that no better system obtains than is here found for permanently preserving the plattings of the county. Large and excellent blank plat-books have been purchased, but never been utilized for the purpose for which they were intended, as they simply contain an improvised index, while the plats are kept in various places in an unbound form, liable to be destroyed at any time. Indeed, several are now missing.

New Ulm (city) was originally surveyed in 1856, but the record shows that it was not filed for record until April 7, 1858, when it was effected by the German Land Association, through its president, William Pfaender. It extends from southeast to northwest along the banks of the Minnesota River, in township 110, range 30 west. Many additions have been made with the passing years.

Sleepy Eye, first platted as "Sleepy Eye Lake," by Thomas Allison and Walter Breckenridge, September 18, 1872, in sections 29 and 30, of township 110, range 32 west. Incorporated as a city in 1903.

Springfield, situated in sections 18 and 19 of township 109, range 34 west, was platted as "Burns" in 1877, on the line of the Winona & St. Peter railroad. A post office had been established there in 1873. It took the name of Springfield in 1881, when it was incorporated as a village.

Searls, situated in section 21, Of Cottonwood civil township, was platted October 10, 1899, by Harry L. Jenkins and wife.

Hanska was platted October 9, 1899, by Harry L. Jenkins and Anna L. Jenkins, in section 24, township 108, range 31. It was incorporated in 1901.

Evan, formerly "Hanson's Station," originally platted May, 1887, in section 8, Prairieville civil township, by Nels Hanson. Incorporated in 1904.

Cobden is situated in section 31, township 110, range 33 west; was platted February 16, 1901, by Thomas Peter son and S. C. Frederickson. It was incorporated in 1905.

Blessum is situated in section 24, township 108, range 31 west, and was platted June 2, 1898, by H. Blessum, proprietor.

Comfrey was incorporated from a part of Bashaw Township in 1900. It is situated in section 34, township 108, range 34 west. 

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Source: History of Brown County, Minnesota, L. A. Fritsche, M.D., Editor, Volume I, 1916.


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