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 Lake Hanska Township

On the southern border of Brown County and the second from the eastern line is Lake Hanska Township, which comprises congressional township 108, range 31 west. It was named for the lake of that name, more than one-half of which is in this township. Watonwan County is at the south, Linden Township at the east, Sigel Township at the north and Albin is west from this township. Its population has been at various dates as follows: In 1890 it was seven hundred and forty-two; in 1900 it had reached nine hundred and forty-two, but had fallen off by 1910 to six hundred and ninety-two.

Besides Lake Hanska here are also found Lake Omsrud and Broome Lake.

The first township meeting was held on June 21, 1870, at the house of A. W. Peterson. The officers then and there elected were as follow: Christian Ahlness, chairman, G. Christenson and Ole Thordson, supervisors; A. W. Peterson, clerk; C. Ahlness, assessor and justice of the peace; G. Thordson, treasurer; O. C. and C. H. Grore, constables; T. Torgrimson, pound-master.

No schools were taught here until after the Indian outbreak in 1862.

The first settlers in this township were probably Patrick and Edward Casey, and J. F. Devine, who located as early as 1857. A month later came in T. O. Ormstrud and sons, Ole Guttorm, Iver and T. Torgrimson. Those of a much later date who settled in this township, and yet early enough to be known as pioneers were: Andrew M. Anderson, Jacob Bakke, Nils Olson, Paul Olson, Knudt C. Olstaad, Thore O. Roan, T. E. Shelley, Ole Stone, Ole Synsteby and Tore Tundewold, all of Norway.

During the Indian War this township suffered no loss of property. A stockade was built at the end of Lake Hanska and for a time occupied by a squad of soldiers.

Village of Hanska

Hanska is situated in Lake Hanska Township, in the northeast corner of section 24. It is a station on the Minneapolis & St. Louis railway, between New Ulm and St. James. In 1910 it had a population of three hundred and ten.

Hanska was incorporated as a village in May, 1901, and its first officers were as follow: Fred C. Chambard, president; J. E. Johnson, recorder; Edward Carlson, N. J. Ouren, E. E. Nelson, trustees; G. W. Chambard and Dr. D. F. Woods, justices of the peace; Carl Peterson, constable; G. P. Severtson, treasurer.

This village obtains its lighting from electric current supplied by the Madelia Electric Light Company, from the Rapidan dam power house. There is a volunteer fire company in the village made up of thirty members. There is no regular waterworks system in Hanska, but street cis terns are used in case of fires.

The following have served as presidents since the village was incorporated: F. G. Chambard, Ole Synstby, Nels J. Ouren, Fred Christianson, Alfred B. Ouren and M. B. Erickson. In the spring of 1916 the village officers were: President, M. B. Erickson; recorder, Theo. Torgimson; trustees, Christian Hanson, John A. Johnson, Iver E. Haugen; treasurer, Henry Anderson; constables, Bert Lind, H. C. Bradford; justices of the peace, P. J. Blion; assessor, Hans Jlen.

December 3, 1904, will long be remembered in the village of Hanska, for on that day a sweeping fire destroyed much of the village, including the main business portion. The heaviest losses were sustained by Messrs. Nelson, Grothe, Kjorlaug & Company, J. H. Haemze, the latter owning the printing plant of the Herald office. The total loss in the village was about twenty-five thousand dollars.

Hanska Business Directory, 1916

In the month of May, 1916, the business interests of Hanska were in the hands of the following men:

Auto garage and Dealers
Alex. C. Eckle
Hanska Auto Company

Security and State Banks

Theo. Greenholz

Andrew Johnson

Hanska and Linden
Linden and Cottonwood

John A. Ringnell

New Ulm Roller Mill Company
Eagle Milling Company

Ever E. Nelson

General Stores
Hanska-Linden Store Company
Erickson Brothers
S. Hanson Company

Peter O. Haughdohl
Fred C. Jenson

Peter J. Blein
Hanska Hardware and Implement Company

The Liberal Union

Fred Joramo

S. Hage Lumber Company (Hilmer Flagstad, agent)
Lampert Lumber Company

Benjamin Kjelshus

Meat Market
Midtbruget & Hangen

The Hanska Herald

Andrew P. Lien

George W. Chambard
Wayne Nagel

State Long Distance
Hanska Rural Tele phone Company

Arthur Hanson, D. V. S.

The town hall, known as Liberal Union Hall, is a brick structure one story in height, erected by public subscription, both from the village and country. In this is held all public meetings and the library is also here under the charge of Reverend Norman. It was built in 1914-15.

Post Office

Hanska post office was established in June, 1890. The amount of postal business transacted during the last fiscal year was one thousand eight hundred and forty-two dollars and fifty-three cents. There are now three rural delivery routes extending out from Hanska. The amount in the postal savings department was only ten dollars at the last accounting. During postmaster Carlson's administration there was a small robbery in this post office.

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Source: History of Brown County, Minnesota, L. A. Fritsche, M.D., Editor, Volume I, 1916.


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