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  Mulligan Township

Mulligan Township is located in congressional township 108, range 33. It is on the southern border of Brown County, the third township from the western line of the county. It has no towns or villages, neither a railroad, but is valuable as an agricultural section. At its north is Leavenworth Township, at the east is Albin, on the south the county line and on the west is Bashaw Township. The population at various times has been as follows: In 1890 it had three hundred and ninety-three; in 1900 it was five hundred and seven, and in 1910 it was four hundred and eighty.

The great cyclone in 1881, that so nearly destroyed New Ulm, visited this township, too, and destroyed the houses of Andrew Zwashka and Philip Kauffenberg; the wife and children of the latter were badly injured, and the other family escaped by going into their cellar in time.

Mulligan Township was organized at the town meeting on April 26, 1871. At that time the following were elected to hold the various township offices:
John Torey, Patrick Stack and Nicholas Schmidt, supervisors;
A. E. West, clerk;
E. J. Collins, assessor;
J. P. Savage, treasurer;
Patrick Stack and A. E. West, justices of the peace;
Nicholas Laux, overseer of highways;
John Williams and J. P. Savage, constables.

The election was at the house of Patrick Stack.

The first settlement here was made in 1865, by J. P. Savage, John and Thomas Kelly. Others who came in and aided in developing this section of the county were:

Chauncy Beal, of Pennsylvania
Monroe Cordill, from Indiana
Peter Enhlond, a native of Sweden
John Frasch, of Germany
Thomas Gibbons, of Canada
Byron Green, from New York State
Paul Jauss, of Germany
John P. Savage, of Ireland
John Smith, of Germany

The first school was taught in 1877.

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Source: History of Brown County, Minnesota, L. A. Fritsche, M.D., Editor, Volume I, 1916.


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