Goodhue County, Minnesota
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Goodhue County received its name in honor of James M. Goodhue, the pioneer editor and printer of the state, who at the time of his early death, in 1852, had already won for himself name and fame as well as influence in the new territory. It consists of twenty-three townships, all of which are practically the same in area and name as when first constituted in 1858. They are: Welch, Burnside, Wacoota, Stanton, Cannon Falls, Vasa, Featherstone, Bay Creek, Florence, Central Point, Warsaw, Leon, Belle Creek, Goodhue, Belvidere, Holden, Wanamingo, Minneola, Zumbrota, Kenyon, Cherry Grove, Roscoe and Pine Island. Red Wing formerly had a township organization. Previous to 1858 precincts had been established, but townships were not laid out as regularly organized political divisions until that year, when, under a new ad passed by the legislature, Martin S. Chandler. William P. Tanner and Jesse McIntire, the three gentlemen selected, defined and named the townships in Goodhue County as follow. Where no note is made of subsequent changes, the township at present remains as at that time constituted.  Read more...

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Goodhue County Townships

Civil War in Goodhue County
Goodhue County Civil War Enlistments
Civil War Organization of Goodhue County, Minnesota
Resume of Goodhue County Minnesota Regiments and Companies

Spanish American War in Goodhue County
Goodhue County Spanish American War Organization
Goodhue County, Minnesota - Spanish-American War, Company G, Service Record
Roster of Officers and Members of Company G

Land , Voters and Other Records of Goodhue County
Goodhue County Land Records
Featherstone Township Voters List, 1858
Zumbrota Township,  Zumbrota Fraternities, Goodhue County, Minnesota

Cities and Towns of Goodhue County
Goodhue Village, Goodhue County, Minnesota
Kenyon Village, Kenyon Township, Goodhue County, Minnesota
Pine Island Village, Pine Island Township, Goodhue County, Minnesota
Wanamingo Village, Wanamingo Township, Goodhue County Minnesota
Cannon Falls City, Cannon Falls Township, Goodhue County, Minnesota
Zumbrota Village, Zumbrota Township, Goodhue County, Minnesota
Goodhue County, Minnesota Hamlet of Red Wing

Foreign Settlements of Goodhue County (coming Soon)
Norwegian Settlement
Swedish Settlement
German Settlement

City Directories of Goodhue County

Goodhue Village Mini City Directory
Cannon Falls Mini Directory
Red Wing Business Directory
Zumbrota Mini Directory

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Source: History of Goodhue County Minnesota, Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, H. C. Cooper Jr, & Company, Chicago, 1909.


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