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 ~ Florence Township ~

Florence constitutes all of township 112, range 13, lying in Goodhue County. A portion of Wacoota bounds it on the north, Lake Pepin forms its northeastern border for a distance of many miles. Central Point also lies to the east. At the south is Wabasha County, and on the west is Hay Creek. The township was organized under the general act of 1858, with its present boundaries. It was named in honor of Florence Graham, daughter of Judge Chris. Graham, of Red Wing.

The surface is broken and hilly, with deep valleys running westward from Lake Pepin. In sections 3 and 8 there is considerable peat, and it is probable that this deposit in various parts of the township is much more plentiful than is generally supposed. The soil is fertile, well-watered by Wells' creek, which, with its many tributaries, has a general course from west to east. The farmers of the township pay particular attention to stock raising and dairying, and have achieved some remarkable results along these lines.

The early history is identical with that of Frontenac, and reaches hack to the middle of the seventeenth century. The following is a list of the township officers in the earlier days of its organization, the first named under each date being the chairman, the next two supervisors, and the last the clerk:

1858-L. H. Garrard, F. Z. K. Munger, L. Utley, Peter Grant.
1860-H. F. Simmons, William Arnold, E. Z. K. Munger, Calvin Potter.
1861-H. F. Simmons, E. Z. K. Munger, William Arnold, J. A. Owens.
1862-E. Z. K. Munger, J. C. Bennewitz, John Wear, W. E. Lowell.
1863-J. O. Bennewitz, S. R, Merrill, J. D. Spinney. W. E. Lowell.
1864-J. C. Bennewitz, J. D. Spinney, Rufus Dennin, W. E. Lowell.
1865-G. Terwillinger. O. P. Francisco, L. H. Garrard. H. Lorentzen.
1866-G. Terwilliger, O. P. Francisco. Jeptha Garrard, H. Lorentzen.
1867-Calvin Potter, N. O. McLean, David Walker. H. Lorentzen.
1868-G. Terwilliger, D. Walker, R, Menzel, II. Lorentzen.
1869-G. Terwilliger, D. Walker. R. Menzel, H. Lorentzen.
1870-G. Terwilliger, R. Menzel. J. Holliday, H. Lorentzen.
1871-Eliab Munger, E. C. Eaton, D. Walker, J. C. Bennewitz.
1872-Eliab Munger, E. O. Eaton, John Nute, H. Lorentzen.
1873-John Nute, William Stroup, John Colby, H. Lorentzen.
1874-John Nute, John Colby. D. G. Heggie, H. Lorentzen.
1875-Same as previous year.
1876-D. G. Heggie, John Sauter, H. J. Merch, H. Lorentzen.
1877-G. Terwilliger, John Sauter, John Colby, II. Lorentzen.
1878-G. Terwilliger. John Sauter, John Nute, H. Lorentzen.

Those who enlisted in the Civil War from Florence were:

John Arden
Michael Ackerman
Henry Burritt
Oscar H. Freeman
Daniel W. Floss
Cyrus H. Gould
John Hager
Englebert Haller
Charles Hurder
Joseph Harrison
Casper Koch
Henry M. Libby
Harry Lowell
G. A. Grandsbrand
Warren Hunt
Ephraim Harrison
Emsley Hamilton
George W. Hall
Asa Howe
Russell A. Johnson
John A. Jackson
Ira A. Lynch
John McDonald
Ole Nelson
Hiram M. Powers
Franklin Kelley
Theodore E. Freeman
John S. Harrison
Peter Connelly
Jefferson Cates
Michael Doyle
Jonathan A. Ingham
James B. Moorhouse
Wilson A. Montgomery
William Houk
Joseph E. Mabey
Horace B. Randall
Vulkert Warring
Eli N. Lewis
James Mitchell
James Owens
George Phinney
Nicholas Sehierard
Jacob Sehierard
J. K. Smith
Joseph Tapper
Oscar Williams
P. H. Weaver
Ezra B. Andrus
Isaac Cate
Justus Chase
Asa Daily
Samuel Davis
Edwin C. Eaton
Gustav Sandberg
Jonathan Toms
Joseph C. Eldred
Charles H. McCamland
Dewitt C Smith
Sylvester Dunsmore
Sylvester T. Bush
John R. Winchell
Charles Willson
Orson A. Warren
Jasper M. Woodward
William Hemter
Andrew More
Horace M. Johnson
Newton Williams
Cornelius W. Warring
Mead M. Milo
George W. Colby
Charles F. Church
William A. Brack
James Coffman
Jabez M. Whitney
Judson Watson
Michael Hanley
John Johnson
Thomas McGovin
William Morgan
Melvin B. Blasdell
Josiah Wood
Benjamin F. Covington

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Source: History of Goodhue County Minnesota, Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, H. C. Cooper Jr, & Company, Chicago, 1909.


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