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 ~ Pine Island Township ~

Pine Island is in the southeast corner of Goodhue County, comprises township 109, range 15, and is hounded on the north by Zumbrota, on the east by Wabasha County, on the south by Olmsted County and on the west by Roscoe. The valley of the Zumbro, in the southern part, is a mile wide. In the early days the northern and southwestern portions were heavily limbered, and much of this timber has been allowed to remain standing. The geologic formations of this township differ materially from the rest of the county, but like its neighboring Goodhue County townships, its soil is rich, and its farmers consequently prosperous. The superior advantages of wood and running water, combined with rich rolling prairie land, naturally attracted a large number of settlers in the early days, and even previous to this, the place had been a favorite resort of the Indians.

The men who enlisted in the Civil War from Pine Island were:

Edward Ash Jr.
William O. Ackerman
Silver Austin
John Bump
Benjamin H. Briggs
Norval Bishop
Ole P. Burg
Calvin B. Clark
S. P. Corning
William B. Chandler
Capt. Otis S. Clark
Edward V. Dickey
Ed Dowling
Jasper W. Dickey
William B. Dickey
Henry Detmaring
Sylvester Fox
Peter E. Fladlang
Marseilles Glazier
John Goodman
Philip S. Hamlin
Charles C. Hardy
John T. Hardy
William S. Hackins
William H. Halstead
James L. Hurley
N. N. Hardy
William B. Kitchell
C. A. Kirkman
Joshua C. Kitchell
A. K. Kirkman
William Krapp
G. B. D. Leighton
Richard McGee
D. Metselder
S. W. Miller
N. D. Marble
S. M. Mommans
William H. McGee
E. W. Maynard
Capt. Orlando Morehouse
E. W. Maxwell
J. C. Miller
Lieut. Edward O'Brien
Milo Parker
John P. Peterson
Simeon W. Rowe
D. C. Ressegriere
C. A. Sumner
John Shanbolt
Fletcher A. Sheldon
Lieut. H. M. Stanton
Joel E. Sampson
Geo. W. Smith
Frank Snyder
Benjamin Streethers
Tacitus Streethers
George H. Suits
John Sneyder
Sanform Summers
Jesse E. Smith
William Seag
Joel N. Sheldon
George Tilden
L. G. Thompson
Capt. W. W. Wilson
William S. Wills
Peter Anderson
Marshall Hickock
J. F. Bateman
Benjamin H. Briggs
J. A. Cutshall
William H. Halstead
Abraham Hubbs
Cyrus B. Chase
E. W. Maynard
Lieut. Fletcher Hagler
Emerson Harris
Tacitus Strutins
Daniel Eddy
Albert Harrison
James Pratt
Thomas Campbell
John Mohr
Daniel Hobbs
James M. Pettengill
Horace M. Johnson
Joseph Ahnermann
Ira Bateman
Franklin Buma
Conrad Durst
C. D. Dickey
John Eddie
Elias R. Kain
Henry Momany

Following is a resume of the officers of the Township of Pine Island during the first twenty years of its existence: At the first animal election, held May 11. 1858, soon after the township was constituted, there were elected: Supervisors, C. R. White, J. C. Miller, E. D. White; clerk. J. A. Tarbox; collector, G. F. Nye; assessor, John Harper: justice of the peace, J. S. Pierce; overseer of the poor, Closes Jewell; constables, G. F. Nye, S. Demming.

There were elected at the second annual meeting, April 5, 1859: Supervisors, Oscar E. Smith. Edmond White, W. S. Newton; clerk, Harrison 31. Stanton; assessor. S. P. Hardy: overseer of the poor. Moses Jewell; collector, G. F. Nye.

At the third annual meeting, held April 3, 1860, there were elected: Supervisors, Sylvester Dickey, Nelson D. Marble, John Harper; clerk. II. M. Stanton; superintendent of schools, Dr. Charles Hill; assessor William Krapp ; treasurer, Peter Momany; justice of the peace, S. S. Worthing; constables. James Pratt, J. D. Ells. July 13, 1860, O. Morehouse was appointed assessor, vice William Krapp, resigned.

At the fourth annual meeting, held April 2, 1861, there were elected: Supervisors, Otis S. Clark, William Mead, Oscar A. Dickey; clerk, H. M. Stanton; assessor, Calvin P. Clark; treasurer, Peter Momany; justices of the peace, Thomas McManus, William S. Haskins; constable, Jacob C. Cook; pound master, Truman Parker. April 8, 1861, H. M. Stanton was appointed town superintendent of schools. April 15, 1861, J. C. Dickey was appointed assessor, vice O. P. Clark, resigned.

At the fifth annual meeting, held April 1. 1862, there were elected: Supervisors, Henry Ahneman, C. C. Robinson, P. S. Felton; clerk, Thomas McManus; assessor, Henry Harper; treasurer, Jasper W. Dickey; justices of the peace, Thomas McManus, Peter Momany; constables, J. C. Cook, John Salmon; pound master, Moses Jewell.

At the sixth annual meeting, held April 7, 1863, there were elected: Supervisors, William P. Hall, J. C. Miller. L. W. Holman: clerk, S. S. Worthing; assessor, Henry Ahneman; treasurer, Jeremiah Wheeler; constable, S. Demming.

At the seventh annual meeting, held April 5. 1864. there were elected: Supervisors, Martin Tarbox, Alexander Freeman, W. E. Nichols; clerk, Thomas McManus; assessor; Henry Ahneman; treasurer, Sylvester Dickey: justices of the peace, Thomas McManus, W. S. Newton; constables, J. C. Cook, H. F. Emery. On January 28, 1865, S. S. Worthing was appointed town clerk vice Thomas McManus.

At the eighth annual election, held April 4, 1865, there were elected: Supervisors. Henry Ahneman. J. C. Miller. W. S. Newton; clerk, D. F. Woodward; assessor, Henry Ahneman; treasurer, Sylvester Dickey; justices of the peace, D. F. Woodward, P. S. Fenton; constables, George W. Swarthout, William Mead.

At the ninth annual meeting, held April 3, 1866, there were elected: Supervisors, Lyman Clark, W. C. Newton. E. L. Swartout; clerk, Henry G. Clark: assessor, Henry Ahneman; treasurer, W. M. Thompson: justices of the peace, D. F. Woodward, H. Ahneman; constables. J. W. Palmer, James Pratt.

At the tenth annual meeting held April 2, 1867, there were elected: Supervisors, Sylvester Dickey, C. C. Robinson, George W. Hayward; clerk, Henry G. Clark: assessor Oscar E. Smith; treasurer, J. W. Dickey; constable, J. C. Cook.

At the eleventh annual meeting, held April 7, 1868, there were elected: Supervisors, Charles H. Leavitt, J. W. Dickey, George A. Hayward; clerk, H. G. Clark; assessor. W. C. Crandall; treasurer, S. S, Worthing; justices of the peace. D. F. Woodward, Thomas E. Cooper; constables, William Hunter, James K. Roberts.

At the twelfth annual meeting, held April 6, 1869, there were elected: Supervisors, D. L. B. Parrington, E. L. Swartout. J. W. Dickey: clerk, Charles L. Hubbs; assessor, W. C. Crandall; treasurer, S. S. Worthing; justices of the peace. C. H. Leavitt, D. F. Woodward; constables, A. G. Atha, O. N. Page, May 16, 1870, G. W. Page was appointed town clerk, vice F. D. Worthing, resigned.

At the fourteenth annual meeting, held March 14, 1871, there were elected: Supervisors. William N. Thomson. O. E. Smith. James Parker; clerk, George W. Page; assessor, W. C. Crandall; treasurer, S. S. Worthing; justice of the peace, Henry Ahneman. May 2, 1871, P. S. Fenton was duly appointed supervisor, vice O. E. Smith, who failed to qualify.

At the fifteenth annual meeting, held March 12, 1872, there were elected: Supervisors, Thomas E. Cooper, Henry Degener, Arthur Haunsinger; clerk, George W. Paige; treasurer. S. S. Worthing; assessor, W. C. Crandall; justices of the peace, W. E. Sergeant, Henry Ahneman; constable, L. D. Hart. March 23, 1872, Joseph Ahneman was appointed constable for the remainder of the year. May 29, 1872. G. W. Paige was appointed assessor, vice Crandall, who failed to qualify. March 1, 1873. James Parker was appointed chairman of the board of supervisors, vice Cooper, resigned.

At the sixteenth annual meeting, held March 11, 1873, there were elected: Supervisors. C. H. Leavitt. James Parker. P. S. Fenton; clerk, G. W. Paige. The official record for 1873 is incomplete; no one living remembers the remainder of the officers that year.

At the seventeenth annual meeting, held March 10, 1874, there were elected: Supervisors, James Parker, John Mohr, Matthias P. Ringdahl; clerk. G. W. Paige; assessor, G. W. Paige; treasurer, S. S. Worthing; justices of the peace. W. E. Sergeant and H. Ahneman; constables. F. D. Worthing and Henry Tome. John Mohr failing to qualify, an appointment board met March 28, 1874, and Henry Hahneman was appointed supervisor in his place.

At the eighteenth annual meeting, held March 10, 1875, there were elected: Supervisors, James Parker. Henry Ahneman, M. P. Ringdahl; clerk, G. W. Paige; assessor, G. W. Paige; treasurer, S. S. Worthing; pound master, Henry Ahneman.

At the nineteenth annual meeting, held March 14, 1876, there were elected: Supervisors, C. H. Leavitt, Giles Hayward, Thomas Halloway; clerk. A. H. Kellogg; assessor. Ladd Robie; treasurer, H. T. Perkins; justices of the peace. Henry Ahneman. Fletcher Hagler; constables, Henry Tome, Charles Dickinson. May 1, 1876, Charles Edison was appointed assessor, vice Ladd Robie; who failed to qualify.

At the twentieth annual meeting, held March 13, 1877, there Mere elected: Supervisors, Charles H. Leavitt; Thomas Halloway, Knut Clementson; clerk, A. H. Kellogg; treasurer, H. T. Perkins; assessor. Charles Edison; pound master, J. C. Dickey. July 6, 1877. H. S. Perkins was appointed to the office of town treasurer, vice H. T. Perkins, deceased.

At the twenty-first annual meeting, held March 12, 1778, there were elected: Supervisors, E. L. Swartout, George Newhouse, Geo. Reinhart; clerk, A. H. Kellogg; treasurer. A. B. Cron; assessor, Charles Edison; justices of the peace, Fletcher Hagler, Henry Ahneman; constables. Henry Tome. H. A. Perkins.

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Source: History of Goodhue County Minnesota, Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, H. C. Cooper Jr, & Company, Chicago, 1909.


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