Goodhue County, Minnesota


 ~ Zumbrota Village Fraternities ~

The fraternal spirit was early manifest in the village of Zumbrota, and in the early seventies the larger national societies were well represented by lodges in this place.

Herman Lodge, No. 41, A. F. and A. M., received its charter October 24, 1866, with William Bickford, W. M.; H. H. Palmer, S. W. and James L. Scofield, J. W. The first meeting was held in a building owned by Mr. Blanchard, on Main Street. After being located in different places, in 1873, they rented a hall of S. B. Barteau, where they have held forth ever since. The present officers are P. W. Mook, W. M.; M. H. Powers, S. WV; J. D. Grover, J. W.; J. H. Barnett, S. D.; L. M. Woodbury, J. D.; C. L. Grover, S. S.; Robt. Priebe, J. S.; T. D. Seward, Tyler; A. B. Farwell, secretary.; H. E. Weiss, treasurer.

Esther Chapter, No. 4, Order of the Eastern Star, was granted a charter June 9, 1874, with the following officers: Isaac AV. Blake, AV. P.; Airs. Climena Blake, AV. AL, and Marion C. George, A. Al.

Mount Carmon Chapter, No. 23, was granted a charter June 25, 1874, with H. H. Palmer, H. P.; S. S. Worthing, K.: O. H. Hall, S.

Zumbrota Lodge, No. 154, I. O. G. T., was organized January 24, 1877, with twenty-four charter members. The charter officers were: D. B. Scofield. AV. C. T.: Amanda Dam. W. V. T.; Ed Mitchell, secretary, and Airs. D. B. Scofield, treasurer.

Scofield Post, No. 121, G. A. R., was organized September 9, 1884, the post being named for James and Amos Scofield, the former of whom died of sickness while in the army and the latter of whom was killed in battle. The charter members were: Edgar Stacey, deceased;

H. W. Cooledge, Zumbrota
I. D. Warren, Zumbrota
L. T. Ward, deceased
J. M. Beeman, deceased
B. D. Woodbury, St. Paul
C. Daniels. South Dakota
F. D. Webb, Chicago
C. Eastman, Soldier's Home
H. J. Eastman, Zumbrota
J. Hickock, unknown
Ole Strand, deceased
H. M. Scofield. Zumbrota
J. H. Reeves, Glasgow
D. L. Druse. Washington
W. E. Mosher. Zumbrota
H. W. Squire, South Dakota
L. S. Judd, Mora
M. L. Webb. Washington
G. G. McCoy, Zumbrota
Lonie Abend, deceased
P. D. Willard, deceased
O. H. Hall, St. Paul
D. Bugby. Wisconsin
C. A. Leach, Zumbrota
Clark Rogers, deceased
AV. A. Black, North Dakota
Adolph Hoff, deceased

Those who have joined since

G. AV. Giles, Zumbrota
S. C. Holland, deceased
Sam Andrist, Zumbrota
William Fulkerson, deceased
Bond Olson, deceased
J. P. Rians, unknown
W. E. Seckerson, Chatfield
J. L. Annis, Zumbrota
W. B. Dickey, deceased
J. R. Hemmingway. Zumbrota
N. L. Dickenson, Zumbrota
Charles Gholtz, Washington
P. L. Dickenson, North Dakota
Frank Wyman, West Concord
Fred Woodworth, Mazeppa
Josiah Lothrop, Zumbrota
K. B. Bennett. Wisconsin
R. C. Morgan, deceased
M. C. Morgan, Zumbrota
Aaron Getty, deceased
D. B. Seofield, deceased
John Danielson, South Dakota
Joab Irish, unknown
S. V. Cranson, Goodhue
William Bonham, deceased
Win. Doxy, deceased
Philip Yochem, Zumbrota
Robert Parker, Goodhue
D. W. Williams, unknown
R. H. F. Williams. Colorado
O. T. Berg, Wanamingo
F. W. Langworthy. New York
Eleck Albertson, Zumbrota
G. A. Seitz, Rochester
N. C. Adams, Zumbrota
John Egan, Zumbrota
John Johnson, Wanamingo
Leander Watson, deceased

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the post occurred on September 16, and an appropriate celebration was held in the hall on September 18, 1909. In a speech delivered on that occasion H. M. Scofield declared that there are now forty members living, the oldest of whom is Captain G. G. McCoy, who is 85. Next conies H. M. Scofield and S. Y. Cranston, each of whom is 78. The youngest member is H. Eastman, age 63. The officers at the time of organization were: Com., Ira D. Warren; Sr. Y. C, G. G. McCoy; Jr. Y. C, M. C. Morgan; chaplain, H. M. Scofield; quartermaster, W. H. Squire; adjutant, H. W. Cooledge; officer of the day, W. E. Mosher; officer of the guard, O. A. Strand; surgeon, O. H. Hall. The present officers are: Com., Josiah Lothrop; Sr. Y. C, O. N. Berg; Jr. Y. C, A. Albertson; chaplain. H. M. Scofield; quartermaster, W. E. Mosher; adjutant. N. C. Adams; officer of the day, Charles Leach; officer of the guard. J. C. Annis; quartermaster sergeant, N. L. Dickinson; Sergeant major, John Egan; surgeon, John Hemingway.

Scofield Post No. 84, W. R. C, was organized April 8, 1892, with the following charter members:

Mrs. S. E. Lothrop
Mrs. A. J. Hall
Mrs. H. P. Abend
Mrs. M. A. Cooper
Mrs. S. M. Hall
Mrs. J. C. Seofield
Mrs. S. N. Ward
Mrs. J. C. Black
Mrs. Julia Friedrich
Mrs. Rosina Reenes
Mrs. J. E. Mosher
Mrs. Rose Dickinson
Mrs. M. H. Linton
Mrs. M. F. Mann
Mrs. Climena Blake
Mrs. M. L. Rust
Mrs. E. M. B. Seofield
Mrs. Ellen E. Stacy
Mrs. Cornelia Rogers
Mrs. Maggie Watson
Mrs. E. R. Canfield
Mrs. L. H. Grover
Ena R. Woodbury
Carrie A. Morgan
D. A. Warren,
A. J. Danse
Sophia Danielson
M. M. Weatherhead
Ermina B. Schofield
Manda Eastman
Rose Eastman
Lothe Black

The present membership is thirty-four. The present officers are: Pres., Mrs. A. J. Hall; senior vice pres., Mrs. AI. J. Woodbury; junior vice pres., Mrs. J. Friedrich; secretary, Mrs. E. R. Woodbury; treasurer, L. AI. Judd: chaplain. Alary Adams; guard, Mrs. L. J. Grover; pat. inst., Mrs. S. E. Lothrop.

Zumbro Tribe, No. 63, I. O. R. M., was organized January 1, 1901, with the following charter members:

John A. Johnson
Nels E. Koppang
Th. Wetzel
Edward Cain
Herman J. Teich
Fred Lohman
John O. Finney
John H. Stenerson
Peter Open
A. Olson
Dr. G. H. Crary
C. W. Rabel
J. J. Olsness
Charles Hem
J. H. Houck, Jr.
Aug. King
William J. McWaters
Eric O. Swenson
John L. McWaters
P. Zimmerman
A. H. Westby
Martin Opfer
W. C. Lohman
I. T. Avelsgaard
Thos. G. Nesseth
S. Lexvold
L. O. Schram
A. N. Anderson
Iver Johnson
H. J. Eastman
John Houck, Sr.
L. L. Johnson
D. Buntje
Oliver Olson
Richard Elstrom
William Yerka

The first officers were: Sachem, John Houck, Jr.; senior sagamore, Oliver Olson; junior sagamore, H. J. Teich; prophet, John McWaters; keeper of records. Ed Cain; keeper of wampum, John A. Johnson. The present officer are: Sachem, August King; senior sagamore, A. H. Westby; junior Sagamore, Annen Olson; prophet. Louis Houck; keeper of records, H. J. Teich; keeper of wampum, J. A. Johnson.

Zumbrota Lodge, No. 72, I. O. O. F., was organized September 13, 1879, with the following charter members: B. F. Chamberlain, T. N. Lee, G. B. Anderson, C. E. Johnson, D. B. Scofield, I. W. Blake, W. E. Powers, D. F. Mason, F. W. Fulkerson, G. B. Wright and E. T. Lothrop. The present officers are: N. G., James Hoffman; vice grand, Theo. Hartwell; secretary, James Annis; treasurer, William Croxford; supporters, E. J. Thomas, G. Freeman and John Langsdorf; warden, Robert Priebe; inside guard, John Houck, Sr.

Zumbrota Lodge, No. 178, Knights of Pythias, was organized July 1, 1905. The first officers were: C. C., M. H. Powers; V. C., F. C. Marvin; P., G. C. Hoff; M. of W., H. B. Washburn; K. of R. S., J. R. Johnson; M. of F., H. E. Weiss; M. of E., C. A. Haskins; M. of A., Max Braum; I. G., William R. Poison; O. G., J. T. Hovland. The present officers: C. C, J. T. Fuller; V. C, B. A. Kolby; P., William Reimer; M. of W., Annen Olson; K. of R. S., A. B. Farwell; N. of F., H. E. Weiss; M. of E., H. B. Washburn; M. of A., G. O. Fortney; I. G., M. H. Powers.

Zumbrota Rebekah Lodge, No. 125, received its charter April 2, 1902, the members at that time being as follows:

D. B. Scofield
G. F. Freeman
C. O. Bonham
H. K. Kuchner
J. L. Annis
N. Boysen
A. E. Collinge
Ed. Cain
E. F. Davis
James Hoffman
H. J. Klein
J. H. Langsdorf
E. M. Matchan
J. H Houck, Sr.
E. L. Peck
R. F. Priebe
F. N. Stary
E. M. B. Scofield
I. B. Freeman
N. B. Bonham
J. Kuchner
E. Annis
C. Boysen
M. Collinge
R. Casey
L. Johnson
A. Hoffman
B. Lovejoy
A. Langsdorf
B. Monson
J. Matchan
L. B. Houck
Alary Nickerson
Grace Poole
J. Peck
A. S. Priebe
C. W. Rogers
G. Stary
L. Weaver

The present officers are: District deputy, A. E. Collinge; N. G., Mrs. C. Rogers; V. G., Julia Korstad; secretary, Mrs. A. Hoffman; treasurer, Mrs. A. E. Collinge; chaplain, Mrs. John Houck: inside guard, James Hoffman; financial secretary, Mrs. W. Johnson; warden, Mrs. R. Priebe; supporters to N. G. and V. G., A. E. Collinge and E. J. Thomas.

Zumbrota Lodge, No. 645, Modern Brotherhood of America, received its charter February 30, 1900, with the following members:

Herman W. Kuehner
John A. Secor
Henry J. Klein
H. F. Runnels
Addie M. Hoffman
James M. Hoffman
John C. Miller
Perry H. Rowley
Josephine Kuehner
Robert Priebe
Clifton O. Bonham
F. Marion Watts
Aug. C. Biersdorf
Edward W. Matchan
Charles W. Rabel
Robert E. Matthews
Lafayette H. Watts
Athelia I. Watts
Alfred E. Collinge
Nina A. Runnels
Christ Peterson
Ole A. Ness
John H. Houck, Jr.
Nellie S. Watts
William Croxford
Elmer S. Peck
Fred J. Weckerling
Lewis C. Shedd
Lyman D. Ward
John E. Crewe
Alice L. Casey
Joseph J. Hanson
Nels T. Nesseth

President, F. M. Watts; vice president, Louis Houck; secretary, Frank Fulkerson; treasurer, A. E. Collinge; Chaplain, Robert Matthews; escort, F. Weckerling; outside sentry, Aug. Biersdorf; inside sentry, Robert Priebe.

Zumbrota Camp, No. 252, Modern Woodmen of America, was organized November 21, 1887, and the first officers were as follows: Venerable counsel, J. C. English; worthy advisor, J. H. Peabody; excellent banker, H. Koehler; clerk, E. C. Bennett; escort, W. L. Nye; watchman, L. Hailing; sentry, Philip Yochen; local physician, H. L. McKinstry; managers, J. H. Peabody, C. R. McKinstry and W. L. Nye. The present officers are: Venerable counsel, William Croxford; worthy advisor, Fred Weckerling; excellent banker, H. Koehler; clerk. A. E. Collinge; escort, J. L. Williams; watchman, Louis Opfer; sentry, Aug. Miller; local physician, Dr. G. O. Fortney; managers, Louis J. Henning, A. Amli and W. S. Collinge.

Zumbrota Council, No. 30, Modern Samaritans, received its charter May 1, 1901, and at that time the members were as follows:

Louis Satren
Edward S. Person
Stephen D. Sour
William G. Langworthy
B. A. Kolbe
Walter C. Rowell
Charles L. Grover
Henry W. Yochem
Louis J. Korstad
Herman Koehler
E. A. Kellett
Herman F. Kalass
Ole T. Thoreson
Frederick W. Yochem
Elmer L. Peck
R. R. Sigmond
Oscar M. Nelson
Marshall A. Nelson
Edward H. F. Weckerling
Hans O. Vollan
Emil V. Ramharter
Henry E. Weiss
John Stoudt
Edward F. Davis
J. E. Crewe
Frank E. Marvin
Charles Berg
Igmar T. Avelsgaard
Edward S. Nelson
Henry J. Klein
Ole N. Berg
Edward C. F. Kalass
A. W. Swanson
Andrew Samuelson
Eben Y. Bancroft
George G. Marvin
Richard S. Ellstrom
Ole A. Myron
Frank E. Judd
Roy Peter Sigmond
John A. Secor
W. Scott
Van de Bogart
Ernest E. Peck
George H. Wareham
Olaf E. Hoff

The present officers are as follows: G. S., Louis Houck; V. G. S., William Langsdorf; scribe and financier, A. E. Mosher; treasurer, William Croxford; high priest, G. Gunderson; chief messenger, Fred Weckerling; P. G. S., L. J. Henning.

Trondheim Lodge, No. 51, Sons of Norway, was organized August 1, 1905, with the following members:

Carl G. Ofstie
Arne H. Westby
Severin J. Floor
Iver Peterson
S. A. Lexvold
C. K. Kolstad
P. A. Merseth
Carl R. Ersland
Thorwald Lien
Peder Fredrickson
Theodore Thompson
Hofgen Klaven
G. O. Reppe
J. M. Holtan
Erick O. Swenson
Oscar Reppe
John Peterson
Henry Martin Medehill
Iver E. Loken
T. C. Siversen
I. N. Johnson
K. E. Gryttenholm
Knut Berg
Johan A. Nerhangen
Nels E. Koppang

The present officers are: President, A. H. Westby; vice president, Knut Berg: secretary, Nels Koppang; treasurer, Severt Lexvold; regent. P. Neeseth; marshal, H. Klaven; inside warden. Iver Johnson: chaplain, J. Nerhangen.

Zumbrota Lodge, No. 43, Ancient Order United Workmen, was organized March 9, 1878, with the following officers: P. M. W., B. C. Grover; M. W., I. Bingham, Jr.; G. F., A. B. Cogswell; O., C. M. Bingham; recorder, D. B. Scofield; financier, D. B. Scofield; receiver, George Person; G., A. A. Chase; I. W., O. I. Hall: O. W., J. J. Callahan. During the financial depression, the society almost went ont of existence, but is now one of the most flourishing lodges in the village. The present officers are: M. W., Louis Honck; G. F., W. F. Mosher; O. Aug. Biersdorf; recorder, E. A. Carroll; receiver. M. C. Adams; financier. Aug. Biersdorf; G., O. A. Ness: I. W., John Houck, Sr.; O. W., Peter Henion. 

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Source: History of Goodhue County Minnesota, Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, H. C. Cooper Jr, & Company, Chicago, 1909.


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