Olmsted County, Minnesota


Cascade Township

 (Township 107 North, Range 14 West)

Cascade creek, a beautiful little stream running across the southeast portion, has given this township its name. The city of Rochester being in its southeast corner, the township has had but little history aside from that of the city.

The first settlements in the township were made in 1854 by Robert McReady, Thomas C. and Samuel G. Cummings, James Bucklin, John Hendricks, Henry and Jacob Schmelzer and a few others.

There was quite a number of settlers in 1855, among them Ephraim and Noble Cobb, George W. Huyler, Edward Proudfoot, Lyman L. Eaton, Abel Moulton, Elvin Clason, Charles Horton, Barney Hackett, John Hendricks. Joseph Fogarty, and John Newell, Charles H. Crane came to Rochester in 1855 and settled in Cascade in 1856, living there several years and later returning to Rochester, where he is now living.

Robert Waldron, Rozell Freeman, Lucius S. Cutting, William R. Rice, George F. Seiler, Alanson Joslyn and John Klee came in 1856.

The first birth in the township was in the family of Joseph Horton in 1855, and the first death the same year, that of Adelaide, a daughter of James Bucklin, aged about sixteen years.

The township was organized in 1859, the first officers being: Supervisors, James Bucklin, chairman; Alvah Southworth, Philo Boardman; clerk, George Carpenter; treasurer, Sylvester Conklin; assessor, Hibbard Smith; constables, Joseph Chambers and Lewis Rice. Miss Lucy Cobb, who came to the township in 1856, was one of the earliest teachers and taught several years in Cascade and ad joining townships.

In 1858 the county commissioners declared that portion of the township of Cascade east of the Zumbro River a part of the township of Haverhill. In 1870 a petition was presented from the people of Cascade asking that the strip be detached from Haverhill and reattached to Cascade. The matter was referred to County Attorney Start, who gave the opinion that the action in 1858 was illegal and void, and the commissioners passed a resolution declaring the territory a part of Cascade, and it has since been so considered. Cascade post office was established in 1868 and E. Clason, an early settler, was appointed postmaster. The office has given way to the rural free delivery.

A very pretty little Methodist church was built at Five Corners in 1901. A frame structure on a sight elevation, with stained windows and handsomely finished interior. Instead of following the old custom of naming it after a dead saint, it was called after a live preacher, being dedicated Doran Chapel, in recognition of the zeal of Rev. Frank Doran, then of Rochester, in building up the congregation.

The state census of 1905 gives the population of the township as 773

Cascade post office was established in April 1868. E. Clason was the first postmaster.

Olmsted station was established in 1870, on line between Cascade and Kalman on farm of J. V. Matthews, four and one-half miles west of Rochester.

Cascade census, 1860, 427; 1870, 812.

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Source: History of Olmsted County Minnesota, by Hon. Joseph A. Leonard, Chicago, Goodspeed Historical Association, 1910.


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