Olmsted County, Minnesota


Rochester Township

 (Township 106 North, Range 14 West)

Most of the northeast two sections of this township are included in the city of Rochester and there is no village within its limits. The fairground immediately south of the city is also in the township.

John Bamber was the original settler of the township, coming in December. 1854, from Ohio, and taking a claim on the Zumbro, near the city. His son, Archibald Bamber, was long the leading dentist of Rochester. He retired from business a few years ago. James Fitzpatrick also made a claim in 1854. Patrick Convey, Almon E. Hull, Michael Dee, Joel P. Dibble and Samuel P. Wheeler came in 1855. Hannah Williams, a widow, came in 1856. Her sons. William W. and Taliesen, are well-known residents of the city. George and Franz Joseph Stoppel settled on adjoining farms near the city in 1856. Their sons are now residents of the city. William C. Kent. William Dee, Laurence Fitzpatrick, Martin Purcell, William Rose and John Sheldon came the same season.

The first birth in the township was of Margaret V., daughter of Alexander J. Ferguson, in 1856. The first death was of William H., a nephew of John Bamber, in August, 1855.

The township was organized in May, 1858, at the court house in Rochester, and the following officers were elected:

Supervisors, Peter F. Lawshe
Chairman; Ozro A. Hadley, Samuel Storm
Clerk, Thomas Brooks

The county poor farm is in this township, on the claim pre-empted by Almon E. Hull. The poor house is one of the best and best kept in the state.

The population of the township, as given in the state census of 1905 was 603.

A curious geological incident occurred on the farm of Mr. Mountain in the summer of 1870. A bunch of five horses were huddled together in a pasture during a heavy July rain, and the next morning were found all at the bottom of a pit eighteen feet deep and twelve feet wide at the top, which had sunk under them. They were unhurt, though tumbled in a heap, and were lifted out.

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Source: History of Olmsted County Minnesota, by Hon. Joseph A. Leonard, Chicago, Goodspeed Historical Association, 1910.


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