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Wright County Created by an act approved February 10, 1855, the territorial legislature created a number of counties. Among them was Wright County. The boundaries were described as follows: "Beginning at the northeast corner of Davis County, running thence south on the east line of said county to the north line of Carver County; thence east on the north line of said county to the township line between ranges 24 and 25, west of the fifth meridian; thence north on said line to the Crow River; thence down the center of Crow River to the Mississippi River; thence up the main channel of the said Mississippi River to the mouth of the Clearwater River; thence up the middle of the said Clearwater River to the place of beginning." These lines are the present boundaries of Wright County, and have remained unchanged since that time. The description of the boundary, however, is now obsolete, as there is no longer a Davis County, and Carver County has been entailed.

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Census, Marriages and Original Assessment
Wright County Census, 1855
Wright County Marriages, 1856-1858
Wright County Original Assessment, 1855
Wright County, Farm Names

Land and Property Records
Land Office Records, 1857 - 1876
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Source: History of Wright County, Minnesota, by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, Volume I, 1915


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