Wright County, Minnesota


 Buffalo Township Land Records 1858 - 1879

Township 120, Range 25

The following transcriptions from the land office records gives the original owners of all the land pre-empted and homesteaded in Wright County. This is the roll of honor of those who dared the rigors of a pioneer country and started the first developments. The list is in the main accurate, though, through carelessness of the land office registers and their clerks, the original entries are often misspelled, and transcriptions of more or less illegible handwriting since that date have distorted some of the names in various ways. But especial efforts have been made to insure accuracy in this printed list, and the names of thousands of old pioneers will be recognized.

The first claims in the Congressional township


18-N. N. Taylor, October 5
19-Henry Varner, October 29
26-E. J. Shumway, September 13
29-Daniel Gray


3-J. R. Hill, May 11
5-S. Hatch, March 22
11-A. J. Riggs, March 18
15- E. Nagel, July 20
18-B. Ward, July 19
1-Jessie McCurdy, September 19
20-L. B. Colver, July 19
29-J. F. Pickens, May 9
30-Jackson Taylor, in Trust, November 25
31-Jackson Taylor, October 28
33-W. H. Huggins, March 17


2-W. O. Weston, October 18
4-W. D. Leonard, October 8
John E. Baker, April 27
6-Peter W. Holmes, October 22
8-Joseph Goyette, October 19
C. W. Hudson.
10-Peter Glock, October 8.
11-Fred Stokes, October 20
12-William Weldell, October 8
Peter Barthel, October 1
13-G. Miller V. Wind, October 20
Fred Bereshaber
Paul Fredericks, February 21
14-T. Machtell, October 18
August Newnert, Jr., October 20
15-August Newnert, Sr., October 27
17-C. Chamberlain, October 19
E. T. Tillotson
18-Jacob Varner, October 9
19-B. F. Thrift, October 6
John M. Keeler, October 6
28-O. L. Dudley, April 5
29-J. J. Odell, October 6
A. W. Dudley, October 18
30-A. Ackley, October 6
31-S. Bacon, April 5
33-L. E. Dudley, October 18
T. W. Hughes, October 17


2-A. C. Fairbrother, January 6
Avon Stook, January 22
12-N. Beck, November 8
18-S. D. Fuller, September 14
20-James Gilbert, November 6
22-Thomas Wren, November 18
23-W. Heilman, October 16
24-Henry Kersehte, November 19
C. Hillman, October 16
M. Orth, October 8
32-H. Stewart, December 21
D. Gray, November 13
34-J. H. Dedrick, September 23


3-A. S. Gilchrist, October 22
9-August Prince, September 22
21-A. Lawson, October 3
25-T. Schmidt


5-August McAchrin, July 18
7-F. H. Wedstrand, March 22
11-John Link, October 28
23-Joseph Steffis, August 4
27-Henry Kerscht, August 15
33-R. J. Parker, January 30


13-Paul Fredericks, February 21


11-Jacob Abel, December 19
21-T. Wren, April 13


6-John Allen, January 1
L. Ryan, January 1
14 - F. Silegren, December 17
John Weller, December 17
22-K. Dorff, December 17


6-Thomas Hopkins, January 1
21-Peter Barrington, June 14
22-G. Marshall, January 6
John Steffis, July 8
28-R. O. Cady, July 8
34-William McPherson, January 6
M. Otten, January 6


12-J. Q. A. Braden, May 20.
15-J. T. G. January 22.
23-N. Orth, November 21
25-Jacob Orth, January 12


10-F. M. Elletson, January 5
22-P. Cunningham, January 5
28-G. W. Melnturf, January 5


27-G. Pohl. July 8
16-S. E. Adams, April 19
28-LaFayette Melnturf. February 25


11-P. F. Ayder, November 5


21-T. Wren, March 2
21-S. E. Adams, July 17


35-N. Sehug, January 24
21-W. H. Cady, February 19


25-T. Schmidt, May 8
4-A. Grant, February 22
21-J. F. G. Ordorff January 5


5-George Covart, February 27


35-Sarah Cannon, March 31

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Source: History of Wright County, Minnesota, by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, Volume I, 1915


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