Wright County, Minnesota


 Early Marriages 1856 - 1858

The first marriage officially recorded with the clerk of Court of Wright County was that of Herbert W. McCrory, of Monticello, and Harriet McDonald, of Clearwater. The ceremony was performed at Clearwater May 1, 1856, by Samuel Wilder, a justice of the peace, and the witnesses were William McDonald and Frederick M. Cadwell. The record was entered May 2, 1856, by F. W. Merrill, clerk of court.

Channcey Wilson, of Meeker County, Minnesota territory, and Eunice Caswell, of Wright County, married September 8, 1856, by Rev. Richard Walker, in the presence of William Randall and William M. Preston.

Charles W. Lambert and Matilda Cooley, married at the home of Luman Cooley, in Pleasant Grove precinct, November 26, 1856, by O. H. Kelley, a justice of the peace.

John W. Dow, of St. Cloud, and W. Elmira Oakes, of Big Bend precinct, this county, were married December 14, 1856, in the presence of John and Jane Oakes, by the Rev. E. H. Whitney.

Abraham Descent and Maranda Chandler, both of Monticello, married April 26, 1856, by Rev. Samuel T. Creighton.

William Stinson and Nancy Harper, married at Monticello, August 19, 1856, by Samuel Wilder, justice of the peace.

Lewis McDonald and Caramina E. Spencer, married December 17, 1856, by O. H. Kelley, justice of the peace.

Asahel E. Hulett and Lucy Jane Thrall, both of Silver Creek, married January 1, 1857, by E. H. Whitney.

Joshua Welch and Jemima Record, married at Norwood, March 9, 1857, by O. H. Kelley, a justice of the peace.

Charles W. Clarey and Margaret A. Seely, married at Monticello, April 2, 1857, by Rev. Marcus Hicks, a Presbyterian clergyman.

James M. Gilbert and Virginia M., married at Monticello, April 14, 1857.

Ralph Voorhees and Frances Russell, married October 5, 1857, by the Rev. Marcus Hicks, in the presence of A. C. Russell and J. C. Howe.

Frederick M. Cadwell, of Clearwater, and Elizabeth McCrory, of Monticello. The ceremony was performed at the home of William G. McCrory, in the town of Monticello, by Tobias G. Mealey, a justice of the peace, February 11, 1857.

Frederick Barker and Kate A. Lewis, married in the fall of 1857, by Rev. Marcus Hicks, in the presence of H. C. Coolbaugh and Elizabeth Coolbaugh.

Augustus Merritt and Mary Hoar, married November 19, 1857, by Rev. Noah Lathrop.

Edwin Jenks and Nancy Beebe, both of Rockford, married November 24, 1857, by Cyrus C. Jenks, a justice of the peace.

Henry F. Walker, of Forest City, and Betsey A. Bryant, of Wright County, married January 1, 1858, by Rev. Noah Lathrop.

Frederick R. Hettie and Wilhalene Ena (Wilhelmina) Shultz, married February 10, 1858, at the home of Gottlieb Ahl, Monticello.

Moses Martin and Olive Cross, married at Monticello, November 9, 1858, by Rev. Samuel T. Sterritt, a Methodist Episcopal clergyman, in the presence of Joseph Eaton and Matilda Cross.

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Source: History of Wright County, Minnesota, by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, Volume I, 1915


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