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 ~ Spanish-American War Organization ~

The preliminary meeting for the organization of a company of militia in Red Wing was held February 10, 1883, and on February 17 of the same year it was mustered into the state service as "Company G. National Guard, State of Minnesota," by Colonel W. B. Bend, the company at that time comprising forty-three enlisted men.

From that date until October 13, 1899, the Roster of its Commissioned Officers was as follows:

A. P. Pierce, captain, February 17, 1883, to June 13, 1887
G. C. Davis, captain, June 13, 1887, to March 7, 1888
C. A. Betcher, captain, March 7, 1888, to June, 1891
W. H. Grow, captain, June, 1891, to July, 1892
J. H. Friedrich, captain, July 1, 1892, to March 7, 1897
Oscar F. Seebach, captain, March 7, 1897
E. A. Kempe, first lieutenant, February 17, 1883, to June 13, 1887
F. T. Kingman, first lieutenant, June 13, 1887, to November 27, 1888
W. H. Grow, first lieutenant, November 27, 1888, to June 1, 1891
Jens Loye, first lieutenant, June 1, 1891 to July, 1892
O. F. Seebach, first lieutenant, July, 1892, to March 9, 1897
F. A. Morley, first lieutenant, March 9, 1897, to death
G. C. Davis, second lieutenant, February 17, 1883, to June 13, 1887
H. A. Willard, second lieutenant, December 7, 1887, to February 17, 1888
A. H. Boxrud, second lieutenant, June 13, 1887, to December 7, 1887
Jens Loye, second lieutenant, March, 1888, to June, 1891
J. H. Friedrich, second lieutenant, June, 1891, to July 1892
F. A. Morley, second lieutenant, July, 1892, to March, 1897;
E. S. Mellinger, second lieutenant, March, 1897, to November 11, 1898
C. A. Anderson, second lieutenant

After being mustered into the United States service, the Regimental Field Officers of the 13th Minnesota were as follows:

Charles MeC. Reeve, colonel, promoted to brigadier general of volunteers
Westcott W. Price, lieutenant colonel, resigned
Frederick W. Ames, major, promoted to colonel
John H. Friedrich, major, promoted to lieutenant colonel
Edwin S. Bean, major
Arthur Diggles, major
Charles A. Cressy, captain and chaplain
Edward G. Falk, first lieutenant and regimental adjutant
William II. Hart, first lieutenant and quartermaster
Milton S. Mead, first lieutenant and battalion adjutant
Monroe D. Garcelon, first lieutenant and battalion adjutant
Edwin M. Conrad, first lieutenant and battalion adjutant
Reynaldo J. Fitzgerald, surgeon
Harry P. Ritchie, first lieutenant and assistant surgeon
Arthur Aver Law, first lieutenant and assistant surgeon
Feodor E. Krembs, regimental sergeant major
Herbert A. Leavitt, regimental quartermaster sergeant
Harry B. Dyer, battalion sergeant major
Hurt Kenaston, battalion sergeant major
Englehart G. Grau, hospital steward
John N. Love, battalion sergeant major
Robert I. Miles. Jr. hospital steward
Austin L. Ward, hospital steward
Charles H. Watson, chief musician died at Honolulu
Charles U. Towers, principal musician

Roster of Officers and Members of Company G

Officers Serving

Second lieutenant. Edward C. Mellinger, promoted to first lieutenant November 11, 1898
Carl Axel Anderson, quartermaster sergeant, promoted to second lieutenant November 11, 1898
Arthur D. Danielson, sergeant
Edward L. Skoglund, sergeant
Edmund P. Will, sergeant
C. K. Reckner, sergeant, discharged
Frank A. Anderson, corporal, promoted to sergeant August 18, 1898
Frank H. Erickson, corporal, promoted to quartermaster sergeant November 11, 1898
John T. Elk, corporal
Elmer M. Bassett, corporal, promoted to sergeant
Sidney S. Lundquist, corporal
George W. A. Buel, corporal
Charles A. Wendler, musician
William Roberts, wagoner

Officers Wounded

Captain, Oscar Seebach, wounded at battle of Manila, August 13, 1898
William A. Jones, musician, transferred from musician to private, July 1, 1898, wounded at the battle of Manila, August 18, 1898

Officers Killed

Charles Burnson, sergeant, wounded at the battle of Manila, August 13, 1898, died at the brigade hospital, Camp Dewey, August 16, 1898

John E. Johnson, artificer, sick at division hospital, transferred from artificer to private July 1, 1898; discharged for disability January 20, 1899, cause chronic Bright's disease, service honest and faithful, died on way home, buried at sea

First lieutenant. Frank A. Morley, died at division hospital Aug 30, 1898

 Privates Serving

Gottlieb Amenda, private
Olaf A. Anderson, private
Fred C. Allen, private
Henry Bammert, private
Olaf Benson, private, promoted to corporal
Ludvig R. Berg, private;
Henry H. Bearbaum, private
Frank A. Brecht, private
Carl J. Bland, private
William H. Bell, private, re-enlisted 36th United States Volunteers
Albert F. Chinnock, private
Albert Carlstrom, private
Hjalmar Danielson, private
John W. Ellstrom, private, transferred to musician
Charles W. Fisher, private
John C. Foughty, private
Henry Freedlund, private
John A. Fisher, private, promoted to corporal
Emerson Flonsberg, private, re-enlisted in 36th United States Volunteers
Ever Fosse, private
John G. Gerdes, private
Michael Hemftling, private, mustered out
George J. Haustein, private, promoted to corporal
Carl J. Heglund, private, promoted to corporal
Everett J. Harding, private
John C. G. Johnson, private
Eugene S. Judd, private
Theodore Johnson, private
Henry N. Jones, private, promoted to corporal November 11, 1898
Andrew Jackson, private
Edward R. Kappel, private
Robert C. Keefe, private, re-enlisted in 57th United States Volunteers
John W. Lovgren, transferred to hospital corps. United States army, muster roll November 30, 1898
Gustaf P. Lundgren, private, reenlisted in 37th United States Volunteers
Ralph S. Mellendy, private, promoted to corporal August 18, 1898
Alvie Mannix, private
James F. Morrison, private
Rudolph Nelson, private
Aaron B. Newberg, private, transferred from private to artificer July 1, 1898, transferred from artificer to private September 7, 1898, discharged
John W. Newton, private, mustered out, reenlisted 37th United States Volunteers
Otto B. Olson, private
Edward E. Olson, private, promoted to corporal November 11, 1898
Francis J. O'Neill, private
Fred Delford, private, discharged April 28, 1899
Lawrence Penfold, private
Gustaf Peterson, private
John T. Pewters, private
Christ Quail, private
Frederick W. Reichert, private, promoted to corporal, discharged August 19, 1899
William G. Reid, private
George T. Rice, private, transferred from private to musician July 1, 1898, discharged
Albert M. Schouweiler, private
Charles W. Stewart, private
Gottfried Swanberg, private
Charles E. Stockwell, private
August Swanson, private
George Tebbe, private
Benjamin F. Tubbesing, private, discharged at Manila March 7, 1899
James B. Webb, private, transferred to wagoner

Privates Wounded

Charles J. Aiders, private, wounded at the battle of Manila, August 18, 1898 promoted to corporal
Frank M. Crowel, private, wounded at the battle of Manila, August 13, 1898
Christian E. Gilbertson, private, transferred to hospital corps, muster roll, November 30, 1898, mustered out March, 1899
Robert L. C. Geib, private, wounded in right thigh, north of Calocan, March 25, 1899, while with the 10th Pennsylvania regiment, detailed on special duty with quartermaster department, 8th army corps
Victor C. Johnson, private, sick at division hospital, muster roll, November 30, 1898

 Privates Killed

John H. Sell, private, missed from "City of Para" August 2, 1898, supposed accidental drowning, nothing further known

Privates Mustered June 1898

Harry Bolus
Christ K. Bracher, transferred to cook
Alfred H. Baldwin, re-enlisted in 37th United States Volunteers
Carl O. Bakke
George W. Baker, shot through back of neck at Tonda, February 23, 1899, discharged
Homer C. Carey
John O. Clark
Arthur R. Clement
Ernest H. Dahlberg
Oscar Fjellman, sick at division hospital November 30, 1898, discharged at San Francisco March 10, 1899
Thomas Head, re-enlisted in 36th United States Volunteers;
Charles J. Hartman
Victor Johnson
Emil E. Jorgenson
Hugh Kennedy
Owen Leeson, transferred to artificer
Ralph L. Munger, promoted to Corporal
Cecil M. Nichols
Fred Newcomb, discharged
Frank D. Putnam
Leonard S. Phelps, sick at division hospital, muster roll of November 30, 1898, discharged at Manila for disability February 2, 1899, cause, malarial fever and dysentery
Conrad P. Risen, mustered into Company H at Camp Ramsey and transferred to Company G at Manila October, 1898
Burt E. Stockwell
Charles Sundberg
Henry Seebach
Fred H. Seobie, re-enlisted in 36th United States Volunteers

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Source: History of Goodhue County Minnesota, Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, H. C. Cooper Jr, & Company, Chicago, 1909.


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